Winter Fun in Baraboo Near the Bonanza Camping Resort

Sometimes in the winter you start to feel a little stir crazy. You’re spending a weekend or the entire month at Bonanza Camping Resort, for a reason; the Dells are amazing. However, you can only do the same thing for so long before you need to switch up your activities to keep everything exciting. Sometimes, all you need is a change in scenery. With that in mind, why not head over to Baraboo.

A Little Outdoor Fun

There’s all kinds of fun things to do in the winter like skiing, sledding, snowboarding. What most people don’t think too much about is hiking or biking during the winter. That’s a real shame. You’re getting fresh air and don’t have to worry about the bugs. You might try Devil’s Lake State Park where you can hike or do some fat tire biking.

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What’s that? It’s a type of biking that features low tire pressure and bigger tires, hence the fat. This allows you to ride on snow and other surfaces that a bike couldn’t normally go

Leopold Foundation

Why not check out some pieces of real history while you’re in the area. Visit the Leopold Shack and Farm. While guided public tours are only available during summer months, you can do a self-guided tour any time of year during visiting hours. You can explore the Shack and the surrounding land using a trail map from their brochure. The trail is about one-mile long.


So far, a lot of outdoor stuff has come up, but how about spending some time indoors? For that you can visit the AL. Ringling Theatre. This historic site was built in 1915 and is still in operation. You can catch music and films there. In January you can see Vitaly Beckman, an innovative illusionist. In February they’re offering a screening of the classic film, Lawrence of Arabia.

About Bonanza Camping Resort

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