Running Around Wisconsin Dells

It’s getting to be that time of year again. Well, it would be if Winter would just let go instead of pretending to loosen her grip then tightening it back up again. The time of year it ought to be is Spring. If you’re familiar with the Dells at all, you know that in spring it’s the time of year for all the birds to return, the flowers to bloom, and for the gathering of cars. Bonanza Camping Resort is the perfect home base for all the fun!


Yes, that wasn’t an error. The gathering of cars in the Wisconsin Dells during springtime is well known under its scientific name, Automotion. This May 19th and 20th, this is your time to see a gathering of around 1,200 classic vehicles, be they muscle cars, pony cars, or land yachts.


If you aren’t familiar with the vehicular parlance there will be many passionate collectors and viewers that will surely be glad to bring you into the world of classic (or vintage or antique) cars.


You’ll want to get an early start on Saturday. The gates open at 7 am and so do the concessions and auto show. Oh, you’ll want to show up at Noah’s Ark Waterpark. Coincidentally, we happen to have a special with Noah’s Ark Waterpark. You just need to stay two nights to take advantage of the package.

Anyway, back to Automotion. Even if you don’t get there early you can still enjoy the car show until 4pm. Don’t think that means the events end. No, they just need to get ready for Hollywood on Broadway.

This is when replicas of cars from Smokey and the Bandit, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future, A-team, and Knight Rider are on display in downtown Wisconsin Dells. On Sunday you can still get in on the fun, but it ends at 3.

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