The Original Wisconsin Ducks

You chose Bonanza Camping Resort because you wanted a great location that offers great amenities close to the water-related fun at Wisconsin Dells, the Waterpark Capitol of the World. While you’re having fun in the water, be sure to check out the Original Wisconsin Ducks.

A Classic

The first Duck tour was launched in 1946 and while other decoys are out there, be sure you check out the original. The Duck was originally designated the DUKW and was shortened by soldiers to the Duck. This vehicle was designed by the United States military as an amphibious vehicle. Ducks saw frequent use throughout the war in Europe and the Pacific. After WWII, the Duck entered civilian life. Since then the Original Duck Tours have been operating in the Wisconsin Dells.

The Tour

The Original Wisconsin Duck Tours is a one-hour experience as you are taken through the most scenic part of the Dells. This territory is exclusive to the Original Wisconsin Ducks and is half-land, half-water. You’ll see sights such as the Old Chicago Statues, Dawn Manor Hawk’s Bill, and Echo Point.


  • Old Chicago Statues – originally part of the Chicago Board of Trade, now decorating the Lower Dells Scenic Park
  • Echo Point – where you’ll enter the Wisconsin River and hear the echo off the high cliffs
  • Hawk’s Bill – a famous rock formation that looks like the profile of a hawk screeching across the water
  • Dawn Manor – Majestic Civil War-era home and last remaining structure of the lost city of Newport

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