Get Ready to RV to Wisconsin Dells

It’s the season that really matters. The season where you get to roam again after being cooped up in one place as you waited for the weather to blow over. You’re anticipating all the fun you can have as the weather warms up and spending some time at the Dells while you’re staying at Bonanza Camping Resort. Before you do that, you need to get your rig ready.

Outside Your RV

Your best bet for getting your rig prepared is to start with the exterior. You’re gonna want to check for water leaks. These are the biggest issues that can arise after the winter weather. Check all the caulking around anywhere air flows and your roof. You’ll also need to check your tires to see if there are any cracks in the sidewall or between the treads. Don’t forget to check the pressure also.

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Don’t Forget Inside

Check all your appliances for any kind of foreign objects like nests, small critters, and spider webs. Clean up all the dust and dirt that may have accumulated. Check your battery. You need to also check your water pipes.

Ensure that the heater bypass valve is in the normal position and that all faucets are closed. Then fill up your RV. Turn the faucets for hot and cold during so that the air can escape, and water flows steady. Check for any water leaks. Close your faucets, switch the fresh water pump on and wait until the pump cycles on again.

About Bonanza Camping Resort

Since the mid-1900s, the Bonanza Camping Resort has been offering a quality, fun-filled vacation experience. Take advantage of wonderful amenities such as a heated pool, modern toilets, and mini golf.

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